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Blue Chip Overview

Blue Chip Lacrosse LLC was founded in 1998 by President and Managing Director, Ted Spencer and has quickly established itself as one of the premier recruiting camps in the country. Now at its 19th year Blue Chip 225 continues its tradition of excellence.

National Recruiting Exposure

Blue Chip is the only Menís Lacrosse Showcase in the country that films every game and distributes the raw game footage to every college coach in the country by partnering with Touchline Video and Coach Packet.  This greatly increases your exposure and maximizes your chances to be recruited!

College coaches will be provided with your schedule, contact, and event information through the Coach Packet program. They will use Coach Packet to evaluate you during the event. 

If you purchase video you will receive a FREE Recruit Spot account which allows you to add and edit your online profile and video footage.

See the videography services tab for more detail.

Player and Family Comments - 2015

1) Great communication (best I have ever seen), 2) Great coaching, 3) Very nice facilities

The format and atmosphere was conducive for learning and having fun. Because the kids had fun they learned and made a lot of friends who they will play against and with for many years to come.

The entire camp is a great experience. Having the college coaches there really makes everyone go all out. Having college coaches mentor you there was a great learning experience. I made the all star game which was amazing exposure, and when I found out the number of coaches there or watching online, it was unbelievable. I would definitely go back.

I was amazed by how much I grew as a player over three short days. The coaching and level of competition were outstanding

The free flowing style that I had you were on your own to make your own decisions

My son loved the coaching (Casey Martin- Michigan). My husband and I were thrilled to be able to watch our son in the All Star game using the online live stream.

Ted Spencer's
Blue Chip 225

Showcase Session Dates

Rising Frosh Grad 2020 July 5 - July 7, 2016
Rising Sophs Grad 2019 June 27 - June 29, 2016
Rising Juniors Grad 2018 June 27 - June 29, 2016
Rising Seniors Grad 2017 July 5 - July 7, 2016




Participant Comments- 2015

The exposure to college level coaches, and the highest level of play.
The live stream of the all star game allowed my parents and grandparents to see this big event for me.
How they brought people from all over to compete. You are able to make new friends and still showcase your skills in front of college coaches.
The best part of Blue Chip was the level of competition.  Blue Chip gave me the most realistic idea of the level of competition after High school.
I loved the intensity at every game and i enjoyed playing for college coaches
Playing against strong players, hearing from college coaches who spoke to the groups
The level of competition, rooming arrangements, and especially the food!!
Having him compete at a higher level and play with and against kids from all over the country
Exposure to coaches was the highest seen in any sin
gle event and competition level was the best of the best
My son enjoyed the entire experience- dorming for the 1st time, having independence. He enjoyed his teammates and coaches He stated that his experience was far better than any tournament he has attended.
My son loved everything about the camp and felt he got some great exposure to college coaches.
Exposure to coaches for sure. The coaching  from the Albany coach was great the all star program was first class and I appreciated that my wife was able to watch at home since she didn't make the trip
Coaching & camp model of skill development, games, and a showcase were outstanding
My son enjoyed the experience, thought competition was great, and has had several conversations with colleges and coaches since.
Number of games, ability to visit with coaches 1:1.
My son raved about the overall experience; the quality of coaches, facilities, and overall culture of Blue Chip was the best he's seen.
My coaches by far, they really brought the intensity.
The face to face contact with coaches put you on a more personal level and it made me want to play better.



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Blue Chip 225 is operated by Blue Chip 225 LLC

Phone: (925) 718-5758
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Email: info@bluechiplax.com